Why Haven't U.S. Citizens Been Told These Very Important Social Security Facts?
You Can
Start Collecting
$1,000's In
Benefits Now
   YES - According to the SSA, depending on your circumstances, you can collect Social Security at any age: from 6 months of age all the way up to 61 years old

   In fact, you may be eligible to receive a government issued check in the amount of $4,555.00 every single month for the rest of your life!

  And it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, black or white, employed or unemployed, rich or poor, married or single - or whatever.

   BUT - most of these benefits go unclaimed because people don't know how to apply for them. With over 2,700 rules & complex regulations governing our benefits, it's easy to see why the average person would have a hard time trying to figure out what they have coming to them - until now!

   In a new guide called “Social Security Facts You Need to Know” you will discover how to get every single benefit you’re entitled to - and possibly even more...

Here Are Just Some Of The Little-Known Facts
That Will Be Revealed To You In This
Informative Guide:

* Why you should never give your doctor your Social Security Number.

* How a married couple can legally increase, or in some cases double, their maximum benefits.

* How to avoid making a simple mistake that robs tens of thousands of dollars from people every single year.

* Why you should never apply for Social Security online or by mail. (See why on page 14)

*  The 12 times you MUST contact your Social Security office in order to keep from losing benefits.

* How to make your whole family eligible for Social Security benefits, even your youngest children.

* How students between the ages of 18 to 22 can “cash-in” on Social Security instantly.

* How you may already be cheating yourself out of $1,000's in Social Security benefits. (Just look on page 24)

* How to make all the money you want and still collect Social Security Checks tax free every month legally.

* How you can receive full Social Security benefits even if you’ve never worked a day in your life.

* Why in some states people receive more Social Security money than in other states.

* How you can completely eliminate the possibility of loss or theft of your Social Security checks.

* How to get FREE medical & hospital insurance for the elderly.


* Should you get a divorce in order to receive a larger Social Security Check? (Many married couples have.)

* Should you (as some people have done) tattoo your Social Security Number somewhere on your body? (See page 17)

* Can you really receive Social Security benefits for doing absolutely nothing?
(Find out how on page 36.)

* Can greedy bill collectors take your Social Security money to repay an old debt?

* When is the best day of the year to visit your local Social Security office? (See page 34 for the surprising answer)

* Will Social Security give you a Debit Card to buy things?

* When are the 3 times you can collect Social Security at any age?
(Revealed on page 23)

And many more Social Security Facts You Need to Know so you don’t miss out on a single benefit you’re entitled to!


   This is not welfare or charity. The Government owes you this money and you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t claim it.

   But in order to get your benefits you MUST know how to apply for them first. In clear, easy-to-understand detail, this exclusive guide will answer all of these Social Security questions and more.

   It reveals exactly how to get these benefits you have coming, along with all the necessary Government addresses, phone numbers and other information you will need... plus the right things you should say when applying.   

   To start collecting your rightful share, all you have to do is send for your private copy of Social Security Facts You Need To Know today. When it arrives in your mailbox, if you don’t like it for any reason simply return it for an immediate refund* with no questions asked.

     Or, keep it and use it for up to 1 entire year without any risk or obligation.* If you don’t find a way to get your share of benefits during this time, just send it back and I’ll mail you a check. Either way you can’t lose - so there’s no reason not to request your personal copy today.

   Make no mistake, the only way to get my informative guide is through this exclusive offer. Social Security Facts You Need To Know is not sold in stores or anywhere else because no one wants you to know these valuable facts.

   Oh sure, you might be able to find some of this information on the internet after hours or even days of searching for it - but many of these little-known facts are deeply hidden from the general public and kept under wraps by big bureaucrats.

     And don’t even bother asking these questions at your local Social Security Office because their representatives are NOT authorized to recommend or give any type of personalized advice.

   So save yourself the time & frustration by sending for my comprehensive guide today - you’ll be glad you did, I guarantee it. Request your copy RIGHT NOW!

Yours truly,
George Freeman
Consumer Advocate

P.S. - If you make your request right now, I will also include two special FREE REPORTS: How To Collect Social Security Before Retirement Age & Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits. Both are yours to keep even if you decide to return my guide - SO ORDER TODAY!
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